Thursday, October 8, 2015

Service Day #1 - Baking For Heroes!


SEPTEMBER 11th 2015

We have decided to do a Service Day one Friday a month and our first Service Day fell on September 11th, so we wanted to do something in memory of our Police and Fire Departments.

Mackenzie made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

Katy made Snickerdoodles.

We made cards and everyone signed them.

The girls really had a great time preparing for this.
We also got to talk about September 11th and the significance of this date.

We visited 2 Fire Stations and our main Police Department.

The Firefighters at Stations 4 and 7 were so wonderful!
They didn't know we were even coming and still offered us a tour!

Hudson & Beckham were in awe of the Firefighter Lam.  
They also got to sit in the truck!

Our last stop was at the Olathe Police Department.

The Duty Officer was happy to pose for a picture with us.
Hudson was really taken with her.

We are grateful to live in a safe and caring community.  To have so many people who protect and serve our neighborhoods!  Our family appreciates all of our Firefighters and police and everyone of their families that support them in their jobs!

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